Choosing a Private Investigator can feel like a somewhat daunting challenge, especially if it is not a service that you have needed to use before. Below are our tips to help make the process a little easier.

  1. Is the investigator qualified? It can be difficult to determine the skills of a private investigator before seeing their work which is why Qlear Solutions offers you the peace of mind that all of our staff holds nationally recognised qualifications in professional investigation.
  2. What past experience do they have? You will want the security of knowing that the private investigator assigned to your investigation has a reputable amount of past experience in the specific field that you require. Qlear Solutions can guarantee that our experts have ranging backgrounds in surveillance, investigation, security, close protection, front-line military, risk assessment and disaster management and the most suitable investigator will be attached to your case.
  3. Is the investigator fully vetted? It is important to have confidence in the investigator you are using, which is why Qlear Solutions strongly adhere to the BSI standards for vetting security personnel.
  4. Are they able to provide full reports and feedback? The most straightforward way to get the results from your investigation is to confirm with your investigator that you will be provided with a full report at the end. Qlear solutions will provide each of our customers with a full dossier including photographic evidence, video footage and a sequential log of movements and interactions if required.

Qlear Solutions offer bespoke packages to suit your needs and budget. Contact us today and one of our investigators will be more than happy to discuss these with you.