We are happy with the services provided by Qlear Solutions and are updated regularly on jobs they undertake and it is always done so in a timely manner.

The witness statements received are of excellent quality and provide all the information required.

Progress Vehicle Management

I would like to thank Qlear Solutions for the work they carried out for me. I contacted Qlear Solution’s services for help in tracing a con artist who was very elusive. From the moment they took this engagement I was very satisfied with the service – I got regular updates and whenever I called, at any time, the response was helpful and professional.

One only contacts this kind of companies when one faces an unfortunate circumstances. Therefore the humanity and empathy of Qlear Solution in dealing with my case was greatly appreciated. In my efforts to rectify my problem I found myself dealing with lawyers and debt companies who were a major let down. I found out most of them only try to take advantage of the situation to make profit without doing anything in return. The pricing of Qlear Solution was more then fair and I felt efforts were not spared in order to help me rectify my situation.

I would not hesitate to contact Qlear Solution again should I require any help in the future. Their honesty,ethics and decency are hard to find.


“I engaged Qlear Solutions in February 2012 to find out if my husband was seeing someone. The investigators were persistent in their efforts to follow and identify his activities and who he was meeting. What really impressed me was the sensitivity and seriousness with which my case was dealt with and their willingness to help me cope with my reactions to the situation. Their planning and advice on how to proceed most cost effectively was also much appreciated. I would highly recommend Qlear Solutions to anyone for this type of work.”


“I used Qlear Solutions PI services for the first time to assist my company with recovery of some large bad debt where the debtor concerned had completely gone off the radar and had made substantial efforts to make sure they could not be located.

After an intial appraisal of our situation I left it in Qlear’s hands.

Efforts made were over and beyond my company’s expectations and without any further interjection from us, a cheque from the debtor was cleared to my company 8 weeks later.

The cost of this service totalled around 5% of the debt owed, much less than expected and I will not hesitate to use Qlear for any further security or PI needs my company has. They are my first choice.”

Peter Summers

“Qlear Solutions recently carried out two short projects for me, on separate legal matters. In each case considerable sensitivity was required in contacting individual witnesses. The investigators identified the individuals concerned and carried out the contacts and interviews with considerable discretion and care to obtain information which was invaluable to the legal proceedings. The work was done quickly and efficiently and comprehensive reports provided. I will certainly use Qlear Solutions in the future and would recommend them to others requiring such a service.”

Rachel Johnson

“At the end of November 2010 due to an extremely serious allegation made against my husband it was necessary to acquire the services of a Private Investigator. It had become vital to our defence that a number of people were traced from our past, some 25 years ago. We had lost contact with all of them and had no way of knowing where they were.

I was put in contact with the team of Qlear Solutions. After explaining what our requirements were they agreed to assist in the matter.

The difficulty we had was that the police had failed to locate any of the people we were looking for and we felt that it was an impossible task.

Qlear Solutions asked for as much information as we could provide them with. They sent a questionnaire via e-mail for us to fill in.

With this information they started their search. They remained in contact with us both by phone and e-mail informing us of every little progress they had made.

They gave good advice on how to proceed and did not take it upon themselves to approach individuals without our knowledge and more importantly without the knowledge of our legal team, ensuring that the information was gathered legally and would therefore stand up in court.

Having made a thorough search and discovering the whereabouts of all three people it was necessary for them to travel around the country to make contact and ask them to assist by contacting our solicitor to give statements on our behalf.

In the end two out of the three people came to court to give evidence. The third was untraceable to an exact address due to having no fixed abode.

Throughout the entire proceeding the private investigator worked thoroughly exploring all avenues open to him. He worked over the Christmas period being aware of the importance of this information to us.

He kept us up to date on all information uncovered and acted with sensitivity towards us and the people we were trying to contact.

The final outcome was that Qlear Solutions had succeeded where the police had failed and we will always be grateful for their hard work.

This is a company that anyone can trust to do their utmost in an extremely professional manner and the money invested in them will not be wasted.

The information presented on the web site is clear and concise and there are no hidden charges. They discuss every step with the client allowing them to make the final decision, and they offer extremely good advice.

Their staff are pleasant, sensitive to the needs of their client, discrete in their approach to the work and show confidentiality as required.”

Elanor & Oliver Hayes