Qlear Solutions are specialists in the provision of experienced and expertly trained door staff to a variety of clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants.

Door supervisors

Door supervision is a vital requirement for any nightclub. If the right company is used, it can be a way of pro-actively protecting your business and customers, as well as improving the appeal of your business as a safe and inviting establishment.

The role of a door supervisor has expanded in the last few years, making them almost ambassadorial. Our door staff are often the first and last point of contact for your customers and whilst ensuring they maintain their primary role of protecting your clients, staff and property, it is also within their job spec to be an extension of your business. All of our door supervisors are smartly dressed and, depending on the request, can be dressed according to your requirements.

All of our door supervisors are up to date on;

  • Licensing Law
  • The Human Rights Act and therein
  • The use of minimal and reasonable force and which situations it is suitable to utilise it
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • First Aid Training
  • How best to help project a positive business image.

For details on our vetting procedure please see our “Vetting and Standards Information Page”.