Qlear Solutions offer executive security services for our high value clients who require close protection security. We are able to meet your requirements either in the field, in the home or for assignment to specific locations to ensure the security of assets or people.

Our Close Protection Services team are highly trained, SIA approved and licensed experts, many who are ex-military and hold qualifications/grades in close combat specialisations.

Qlear Solutions provides an array of security solutions from a single bodyguard through to full escort packages designed to provide tight, focused and professional units who can interpret their group dynamic to best react to any situation which may arise.

The specific executive security services we offer are;

  • Bodyguard Services
  • Close Protection Officers
  • Close Protection Teams
  • Static Property Security Teams
  • Venue management and high risk/value client protection
  • Full suite close protection packages including trained medical officer, multiple CPO’s, dedicated bodyguard, and experienced team leader and a driver trained and licensed as a CPO with experience in evasive driving.

The additional package elements we offer can include real time vehicle tracking, back-up vehicles and teams, anti and counter surveillance support and pre-arranged or ad hoc bug sweeps of a location included on any itinerary.

All of our personnel are physically fit with excellent vision and hearing and in accordance with their background and training have a natural eye to assess risks a manage potentially dangerous situations with initiative and tactical thinking.

Whether you are requiring these services as a business, government department, individual or representative of an individual, contact us today and we can perform an initial assessment of your needs and perform a more detailed risk assessment.