Tracing missing people or a missing family member can be a very emotional and distressing time which is why we endeavour to make the process as simple and quick as possible for you.

What is the process?

One of the most important steps in tracing missing people is the gathering of information. Our private investigators are highly trained in asking the right questions and knowing which pieces of information will help with the search. We know that sometimes even the smallest piece of information can lead to tracing a missing person.

Qlear Solutions pride ourselves on having the knowledge and expertise to use every advantage available to us in our search to trace the individuals you seek. For example, we have immediate access to specialised database records which provides us with information not accessible by the non-paying public.

How long does it take to find someone?

Tracing individuals can generally take anywhere from 96 hours through to two weeks*, dependent on the number of individuals required to be traced and the complexity and amount of available information on the case. It is wise to note that we cannot guarantee to find every individual.

Who do we trace?

  • Missing people
  • Debtors
  • Missing Heirs
  • Old Friends and lost relatives
  • Locate individuals for wills and inheritance

What area do we cover?

We cover a vast area including the whole of England and most of Western and Eastern Europe, using either our in-house team or specialists abroad.


How much does it cost?

Prices for tracing missing people vary from case to case. It can depend on the information which is available to us in the first instance as this will determine the extent of research needed to be carried out by our private investigator. We will initially provide you with as accurate a quote as possible, and we’ll keep you informed of your case progression by telephone and post. Please see our Prices page for more information.

Will the person be aware they are being traced?

Qlear Solutions can assure you that every individual case is dealt with quietly and with discretion. The subject will remain unaware of our investigation unless you state you would like anything different. Depending on the nature of the subject, in certain cases we will volunteer to make initial contact if we feel that this is necessary.

* Please note that investigations that take place outside of the United Kingdom incur more cost and whilst every effort will be made to make investigations as swift as possible, they can take a longer timeframe to come to fruition.