An effective surveillance operation has a number of different parts, which is why it is essential to use professionals who have the correct training and equipment. Our officers are able to meet your specific objectives by using a number of different techniques and we will execute the surveillance in a covert and well-planned manner.

Qlear Solutions offer an array of tailored surveillance packages based on your requirements. Whether it is a one or two operator team for a small scale mobile or static surveillance you need or a fully specialised service incorporating multiple operators with mobile, static and electronic surveillance (vehicle tracking, geo-fencing, recorded audio and visual surveillance, nationally and internationally).

We specialise in balancing the cost with your needs. We are always upfront and clear with our quotations and will explain in full why every element of your surveillance operation is required to ensure a successful outcome.

Why use our Surveillance Services?

  • To help assess the risk of new partnerships or relationships with other businesses
  • To gain better situational awareness of your potential dealings with another business
  • To help in cases of domestic litigation; be it investigating assets or other matters that have an effect on the potential outcome of the case
  • Investigation into internal theft or potential illegal activity on business property
  • Remove suspicions around employees or business partners
  • Fraud
  • Personal issues that are affecting business judgements which may require intervention
  • To dispel or prove any other inappropriate behaviour such as drug use or gambling
  • To monitor your business assets and their use
  • To monitor and protect premises when they are empty.

As specialists in video surveillance and static surveillance we can install;

  • Temporary covert CCTV in any environment in order to help you establish the facts
  • Bag, body or vehicle mounted video or audio surveillance to record events as they unfold
  • Car tracking GPS systems in order to track fleet vehicles.

Covert surveillance can only be truly covert if investigators appear native in their surroundings and for this reason we have a predefined list of contracted surveillance specialists for large operations, both male and female and from a multitude of cultural backgrounds and age ranges. We value the importance of local and individual knowledge of geographic areas and for this reason we fully research any area in which we are carrying out surveillance.

A standard small-scale surveillance package will include;

  • Manual surveillance by highly trained agents (typically two unless otherwise stated)
  • Fully equipped surveillance vehicles
  • GPS vehicle tracking (optional but highly recommended)
  • Static surveillance vehicle if required
  • Photographic stills and edited DVD.

For every surveillance operation, you will receive a professional written report detailing the planning stages, the undertaking of the surveillance and the results. You will also be given a guideline outlining how to build your package taking into consideration costs, objectives and operational requirements/restraints. All reports are backed up with a full set of operational logs and notes that in most circumstances are admissible in court.

For more information and to discuss costing options please do not hesitate to contact us