For any customer facing business, employing a mystery shopper with investigative skills can be integral to assessing and developing your company. Qlear Solutions Mystery Shopping Service can offer you the insight you need to manage staff performance and create a continuous improvement program.

The types of clients who are likely to use a mystery shopper are;

  • A franchisor or retailer needing to know that your outlets are upholding brand values and conforming to your policies
  • A financial institution that needs to ensure advisors are adhering to regulations
  • A business wanting to know more about your competitors pricing or customer service
  • A restaurateur needing to find out whether your waiting staff meets your required levels of etiquette
  • A local authority wanting to know whether response times are being met.

We are able to mimic any number of individuals or professionals, as well as being able to create dummy businesses and websites in order to convince the necessary parties of our facades. Qlear Solutions are confident in offering the necessary skills to create a convincing front for any scenario.

We can offer our mystery shopping services across the country and we have video, photographic and audio recording equipment at our disposal. Our professional team offer a service that is tailored around your exact needs to ensure you get thorough and accurate results.