Internal theft is not just a breach of trust and responsibility, but it is also detrimental to the financial and moral well being of a company.

During the tough financial times of late, it is particularly important for companies to reduce their shrinkage. No matter how much a company structures it’s costing to accommodate for shrinkage, it is inevitable the cost will eventually be passed on to the consumer. In an era where every penny counts, internal theft has the potential to lose you customers and destroy your business.

Employment theft can include;

  • Money – Cash is perhaps the easiest and most obvious theft from employers.
  • Time – Being paid for time that hasn’t been worked, either by falsifying time sheets or not working while on the job
  • Supplies – While this is sometimes seen as a perk of the job, these can sometimes be very expensive thefts which can range from paper and pens to computers and expensive tools
  • Merchandise and Company property – In the retail industry this is very common and despite a number of companies putting in place strict security measures this is still prevalent
  • Information – Whether its industrial espionage or an opportunist selling secrets to boast their bank balance, the theft of information has the potential to destroy businesses quicker than any other type of theft.

Qlear Solutions are able to offer you a bespoke service based around your needs and the type of theft that is occurring within your business. Common techniques in dealing with thefts include undercover operatives and electronic surveillance.

Effective employment screening is another important factor in dealing with employee theft. With our expertise in private investigation we are in a perfect position to be able to fully screen your employees prior to you trusting them with your valuable information and assets.

In the event that a problem has already occurred, our team can discreetly investigate and collate evidence in relation to the misconduct. We also have access to computer forensics experts that can often locate evidence of potential misconduct rapidly, discreetly and cost effectively.

Please Contact Us today and one of investigators will be happy to talk with you about your businesses needs.