Qlear Solutions have trained professionals in traditional forensics for ink based retrieval of fingerprints. With in-house equipment and portable facilities we are able to lift prints from most surfaces, items and individuals, virtually anywhere.

Our trained operators can take fingerprints for the purpose of passport applications, investigating malicious mail or inappropriate misuse of equipment, either personal or business. Fingerprint recovery often binds the pieces of an investigation together in such a way to provide incontrovertible proof.

You may need to use our fingerprinting services for reasons such as;

  • Suspecting an employee or contractor of attempting to force entry into an office, restricted storage or a safe.
  • Suspecting an employee of conducting lesser misdemeanours such as pilfering stationary.

Fingerprinting can be used to imply guilt without significant costs being involved and can be enough, with supporting evidence, to enable you to take internal actions or even pursue the matter criminally.

Contact us today to talk to one of our investigators about how any why we can use fingerprinting to your advantage and where it is appropriate and sensible to do so.