Business and Corporate Fact Files produced by Qlear Solutions are written with the view of establishing an analytical overview of the business you would like to be investigated.

We are able to gear any report towards a number of topics, such as;

  • Financial Solvency
  • Changes in business direction
  • Management
  • Product Line
  • Advertising
  • Market Position

We use written records as well as field research to form a qualitative analysis as to how a business has developed in any of the above ways and how it is likely to do so over the next twelve months.

Why use a corporate fact file?

  • To check out the competition
  • To check out a potential business partner
  • To establish the solvency of a client or supplier
  • To assess whether a company is truly as it appears to be
  • As a prelude to investigating the management of a company before agreeing terms of business or any legally binding business deal.

Our fact files start from £199+VAT for SME’s and upward depending on the scope of the project. All prices agreed upon are final and are not subject to change during progress of the case.