Covert bugs, either audio or visual, are designed to eavesdrop on conversations or activities for the purpose of espionage. Qlear Solutions offers our Bug Sweeping Services for the physical, electronic and visual clearing of a location, individual or object for said bugs.

As well as becoming increasingly common place in the home, it is also not uncommon for bugging to occur in today’s business environment. The truth is, it is plausible that another business or individual might have an interest in your activities, for example a distrustful business partner, a resentful spouse or simply a competitor attempting to find out more information on your business strategies in order to gain a competitive edge in the market place.

Using our state of the art equipment, Qlear Solutions can quickly and effectively sweep entire offices detecting bugs, either powered, unpowered, burst transmitting or GSM based, between 1 GHZ and 7.2 GHZ.

Whether you require a sweep of your personal or business premises, Qlear Solutions will send out a trained investigator with all the necessary equipment needed to conduct a full sweep. In the event of them discovering a bug, our investigator can either remove and neutralise the transmitter or leave it in place to give you a potential advantage. Our equipment can be used to help us identify the range, strength, method and required proximity of any receiving equipment enabling us to provide you with an estimated distance within which anyone would have to be positioned to be remotely recording the material. Our scans will also include a sweep of all vehicles.

If you would like to contact us regarding this service, please do so either by email or by telephone.