Qlear Solutions understands how painful and emotional the adoptive tracing process can be which is why we will endeavour to reduce the stress in every way that we can.

Qlear Solutions offers Adoption Tracing Services but we also highly recommend that you pursue counselling throughout the process and discuss your options with a solicitor as the legal element to these cases can be quite preventative and are worth exploring with a legal professional.

The Adoption and Children Act 2002 gives adoptees the right to apply to trace and make contact with their birth family, however you must be prepared for the fact that the actual tracing of a birth mother/father can incur cost. The law supports your right to access birth records and have counselling in relation to your adoption.

Adoption support agencies exist to help with this element of your search, and they are also able to provide counselling or give you access to facilities and specialists who are experienced in such matters. Please use the link at the bottom of this page for information on Adoption Support Agencies.

If you would like advice, support or some direction on how to take the initial steps towards searching for your birth family, please call us. If we are unable to give you the answers you need straight away, we will endeavour to find them or point you in the right direction to start your search. Once you have the necessary information and support, we will help to make the final connection to put you in contact with your family.

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