A number of different levels contribute to an effective surveillance operation, making it essential to use professionals who have the correct training and equipment. All our officers at Qlear Solutions have the skills needed to meet your specific objectives and will execute the surveillance in a delicate and well-planned manner.

Why use surveillance?

  • To confirm a partners infidelity or to prove or dispel other inappropriate behaviour such as gambling or drug use.
  • To help in cases of domestic litigation; either their investigating assets or other matters that could have an effect on the outcome of matrimonial or domestic legal cases.
  • For issues of co-habitation for legal cases.
  • Other domestic undercover enquiries, for example investigating a dependent or siblings activities where illicit, immoral or destructive behaviour is suspected to be having a negative impact on their lives.
  • To monitor your personal assets.
  • To monitor or protect properties whilst you are away.
  • To monitor and protect family members you feel to be at risk (this can incorporate physical security personnel in the form of overt or covert Close Protection Officers).

Why use Qlear Solutions?

We are able to offer an array of tailored surveillance packages based on your requirements. Our surveillance services can be used for small scale mobile or static surveillances needing a one or two operator team and fully specialised surveillances incorporating multiple operators with mobile, static and electronic surveillance. Specialised surveillance services can include vehicle tracking, geo-fencing, recorded audio and visual surveillance both nationally and internationally.

Qlear Solutions specialise in effectively balancing the cost with your requirements. We are honest and up-front with our quotations and will fully explain why we feel each element of surveillance is needed for your objective.

Small scale Surveillance package

Basic surveillance packages are used as cost effective tools to gather evidence before proceeding with actions to pursue civil or criminal cases.

A standard small-scale surveillance package will include:

  • Manual surveillance by highly trained agents (typically 2 unless otherwise discussed).
  • Fully equipped surveillance vehicle.
  • GPS vehicle tracking (highly recommended)
  • Static surveillance vehicle (optional)
  • FREE photographic stills and edited DVD.

You will receive a guideline which assists you in building your package whilst bearing in mind your budget and objectives and the operational requirements/restraints. Every client will receive a professional written report detailing the planning stages, the undertaking of the surveillance and the results of the operation.

Covert Surveillance

Covert surveillance can only be truly covert if investigators appear native in their surroundings. For this we have a predefined list of contracted surveillance specialists for large operations who are male and female, of different ages and from a multitude of cultural backgrounds.

We value the importance of local knowledge and we fully explore any areas in which we are carrying out surveillance.

For more information and to discuss costing options please don’t hesitate to contact us.