Becoming a private investigator requires substantial training and relevant experience. The attraction for most people is that it can be a very exciting career with lots of rewards.

Below are some of the requirements for becoming a Private Investigator:

  • Study the right subjects There is currently no actual degree to become an investigator but there are certain degree paths that can be beneficial to succeeding in this field. For example, a degree in Criminal Justice will teach you what you need to know about crime and its control. There are also a number of home study courses available which offer a great insight into the private investigator industry and can give you a good understanding of what the job entails.
  • Gain experience in a similar field To obtain your license, you will need to have previous experience in a related field. For example, the military or law enforcement.
  • Clean CRB When you apply for your first job as an investigator, you will have to complete an enhanced criminal record check. If for any reason you do not pass this check, it is more than likely that you will not be offered the job.

Although these factors all contribute to having a career in private investigation, this list is by no means exhaustive.

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